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Enrolling for the FALL session: September 18th – December 9th

Sweet Pea Studios!

  • Studios Available at Queen Anne

    The Science of Art! (Ages 3-6) - Instructor: Miss Kelly
    Cost: $165
    $10 supply fee is to be brought to the teacher on the first day.

    Everyone knows that we love art at Sweet Pea, but did you know we also love science?! With so much emphasis lately on STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) in schools, it’s easy to forget that science and technology require creativity too. In this super fun and hands-on studio, we’ll blend science and art by using our creative brains and scientific brains to make awesome art! We’ll learn about optics and light, chemical reactions, chromatography, and see if we can build a sculpture that makes bubbles with our super strong tensile strength. We’ll also learn about artists who use the scientific method in their work. Get ready to get creative, get scientific, and best of all, get messy!

    Miss Kelly is the lead teacher in the Ladybug room and has been sharing her love of art with the littles at Sweet Pea for almost four years now. She is a graduate of Parsons School of Design and is a visual artist working in installation, textiles, and photography.

    Thursdays, 4:00-4:50pm, Ladybug Room

  • Studios Available at Sand Point

    Art - Instructor: Miss Melissa
    Cost: $165
    $15 supply fee is to be brought to the teacher on the first day.

    Come ready to explore your creative side through in-depth art projects with Miss Melissa! In this class, we will explore different types of art including color mixing, 3-D art, painting, and more! Littles will be introduced to various projects each week and will develop confidence in their ability to design, create, and implement their own unique ideas into a beautiful creation!

    Miss Melissa is the lead teacher of the Hummingbird room and has loved learning, growing, and having fun with the littles in her class this year! Melissa is a recent graduate of Seattle Pacific University where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. She is a Preschool Camp Counselor for a local parks and recreation association. Melissa enjoys trying new recipes for cooking or baking, reading, and exploring our beautiful city and state!

    Thursdays, 2:00-2:50pm, Hummingbird Room

    Mind, Body, & Music Class (Ages 3.5 - 6) - Instructor: Miss Olivia
    Cost: $165 + $20 Supply Fee

    This studio class will be centered around helping the littles find their listening ears for their bodies and their creativity. We will practice a number of mindfulness activities that will give them the time and space to begin to think about what a calm body means to them. The littles will create and decorate two instruments each that they will have the opportunity to choose between during instrument time. We will also spend time learning and engaging in songs that implement movement as we begin to grasp what a beat and tempo means. We’ll then use our new understandings of music and song as we create a space for creative freedom where will make our own music with our new instruments.

    Miss Olivia is so excited to have the opportunity to share her passions for creativity, music, and self- awareness with the littles. Hailing from Arlington, Virginia, Olivia moved to Seattle to receive her Bachelor’s degree in Medical Anthropology and Global Health from UW. Throughout her studies, nannying, and interning with elementary school art departments, Olivia is committed to exploring and expanding ways she can provide a stronger platform for littles as they continue their personal growth towards understanding and embracing their empathy and emotions as well as loving themselves and their peers.

    Tuesdays, 2:00-2:50pm, Hummingbird Room

  • Studios Available at West Seattle

    Kindergarten Prep! (Ages 4-6) - Instructor: Mr. Patrick
    Cost: $225

    Whether you can’t start Kindergarten soon enough or are feeling a bit intimidated by it, come and join Mr. Patrick and ease into academics as we build the confidence and competence every student preparing for Kindergarten deserves. Littles will polish their basic number and letter recognition and be exposed to actual Kindergarten lessons and materials in a low pressure setting designed for a wide range of abilities. We will also be learning and practicing behaviors that will be expected in Kindergarten, and empowering littles to use these behaviors as leaders in their preschool classrooms. Most importantly, this class is just seriously, seriously fun! Can’t wait to see you there!

    Mr. Patrick is the lead teacher in the Firefly room and can’t wait to continue connecting with aspiring Kindergarteners! Mr. Patrick spent last year sharing his time between preschool and Kindergarten and loves learning alongside children of diverse ages and abilities. In his free time, he enjoys playing Legos with his own personal aged boys, and when he really needs a rest, he enjoys snorkeling and rock climbing!

    Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 1:45pm

Important Policies

CLASS CANCELLATION POLICY: Sweet Pea Cottage Enterprises reserves the right to cancel classes if minimum enrollment is not met.

REFUND POLICY: If class is cancelled by Sweet Pea for any reason, a full refund will be given within 2 weeks of cancellation. No refunds will be given if enrollment is cancelled by student/student's family.

EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION & PRIVACY POLICY: By registering you hereby give Sweet Pea Cottage Enterprises (SPC) the right to take photographs and video of you or your child. SPC may use such photos/video without names attached for any lawful purpose. Your registration also gives SPC the right to transport your little to the nearest medical facility for necessary treatment in case of emergency. The parent listed on this form will be contacted in emergency situations. SPC is a non-profit program open to the entire community and does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, national or ethnic origin.