Kindergarten Now Available All Sweet Pea Campuses

We now have Kindergarten and Preschool classes at all three of our campuses, enroll your child today!

Welcome to the Magical Year of Firsts!


This is the classroom where they will First learn to engage, collaborate and explore. First begin to read, add and subtract. First learn stewardship, ownership and responsibility. We believe this is the year your child should receive the individual attention it takes to create the building blocks of confidence and leadership as they take their first steps to becoming a global citizen.

At Sweet Pea Cottage's Kinder program we begin the journey of learning by celebrating natural curiosity with a close, nurturing environment. It’s here that your child begins to sow the seeds of habits that will continue for the rest of their educational life.

Our day begins

Our Teachers greet you with a warm smile to start the day. As your child enters they will start with academic tasks as this is the time a child is focused. We offer our Kinders Music, French, Physical Education, Art, Math, English Language Arts, and Science. Outdoor activities happen twice a day and we have several field trips every quarter.

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"We love Sweet Pea Cottage! It's a fantastic place for a young mind to explore and blossom into a creative, thoughtful and intelligent young citizen."

Classroom Goals for Your Child

  • Health, Science and Social Studies

    The kindergarten class focuses on social development with projects that foster independence and confidence. We will celebrate and learn about or local community as well as other cultures. Kinders will engage in hands on science exploration.
  • Math & Engineering

    Your kinder will find the fun in problem solving through exploring math concepts. They will examine equations involving numbers, patterns and objects, and learn to connect numbers to their every day life.
  • Reading

    Your child will begin to understand that every letter makes a sound and together these sounds form words that carry meaning. They will have fun sharing their ideas and experiences, forming letters, learning to print their names and playing with the new words they discover. They will also write class stories becoming confident in their ever-growing reading skills.
  • Art

    Art is the core of who we are at Sweet Pea Cottage. Art along with music and learning languages will give your child ways to express their ideas and feelings, to bring their imagination to life and to see their creativity in a variety of forms. As your child experiences these beautiful opportunities they increase their awareness and receptiveness to the world around them.

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