Welcome to the wonderful world of Sweet Pea Cottage!

From the moment your child enters one of our Sweet Pea Cottage campuses they are welcomed with a warm smile.
Classroom Fun!

A foundation for life

At Sweet Pea Cottage we believe that the arts are a magic window to expression, socialization and problem solving. Our Little's gain confidence through participation, listening and teamwork. Each Little learns by communicating and understanding physical and emotional cues.

We believe everything we do at Sweet Pea is preparation for Kindergarten and beyond. Our curriculum is based on Washington Educational Learning Standards, ensuring a through-line from Sweet Pea to a future school of your choosing.

Age Specific Programs

  • Infants & Toddlers

    Sweet Pea Pods
    An exciting program for little ones ages 3 to 14 months and their caregivers. Highlights include exploration in music and sign language all while parents are learning about their infant’s emerging personalities!

    Sweet Pea Wees
    Is your child a little too “wee” for Preschool? Join us for Sweet Pea Wees, a 10-week program for Littles ages 14 - 30 months and their caregivers which introduces free play time, art projects, and circle time in preparation for preschool.
  • Preschool

    Perfect for students 2 ½ – 6 years old
    we begin the journey of learning by celebrating natural curiosity with a close, nurturing environment. It’s here that your child begins to sow the seeds of habits that will continue for the rest of their educational life.
  • Kindergarten

    For children entering Kindergarten
    Start the journey with creative, courageous and innovative thinking that will frame your child's future leadership skills.
  • Sweet Pea Nation Camps

    Great for campers entering K – 4th grade
    All campers work with professional teaching artists at our action-packed day camps filled with field trips, swimming adventures and much more!

Students are active participants in the process of selecting curriculum content and the curriculum will move and flow with the children’s changing interests and needs.

Worldwide Wonder

Children need the opportunity to learn by doing so we offer them a wide variety of experiences. Music, drawing, painting, sculpting, dance, theater, poetry, writing and acting are all a part of our weekly schedule.

Our classes stimulate the imagination, engage the intellect, strengthen physical skill and enhance curiosity. Sweet Pea Cottage students learn how to find joy in self-discovery while building positive relationships with others, allowing them to safely explore the world in their own terms.

Take A Tour!

Classroom Fun!

Programs for all ages

  • Kid's Klub

    Open to kids, age 2 ½ to 10 years old, of all current families and alumni. Kid's Klub (parents night out) is provided one Saturday per month from 9am - 1pm & 5pm - 9pm at our Queen Anne and West Seattle Campuses.
  • Sweet Pea Nation Camps

    Sweet Pea Nation Camps are open to all campers entering 1st – 4th grade. 1st and 2nd graders will spend the day together and 3rd and 4th graders will spend the day together. All campers will work with professional teaching artists at our action-packed day camps filled with amazing field trips, swimming adventures, and much more! Check out our Kinder Camp available for campers entering Kindergarten, too!
  • Sweet Pea Studios

    Sweet Pea Studios provide Littles with exciting after school classes that expand their social development and provide a fun and safe environment for growth. Join us for popular studios like Sweet Pea Sports, Princess Sing-A-Long and Magic Experiments – New studios available quarterly!

After a fun filled day of learning and exploring Littles go home full of imagination, stories, and love. Parents will receive a Daily Journal from their teachers reflecting the exciting activities of the day!

Classroom Goals for Your Child

  • Cultural Arts

    Our goal is to help your child understand and relate to the world around them by discovering their own unique voice. Free expression through music, theater and the visual arts is a necessary component to this journey.
  • Language Development + Listening and Speaking

    Our teachers offer classroom activities that promote language skills and encourage children to use their language as an effective means of communication and as a resource for self-expression. We strive to create opportunities for your child to converse with adults and peers about topics of personal interest, as well as discuss topics beyond direct, current experiences.
  • Health, Nutrition and Science

    Through practice and routine, we help students learn good health and hygienic habits. We also work to raise your child’s awareness of good nutrition.

How We Achieve These Goals

  • Student/Teacher Ratio

    The Washington State ratio is 1:10. We strive for a 1:8 ratio resulting in two teachers for 16 students in each classroom.
  • Sweet Pea College & Mixed Age Classrooms

    Sweet Pea Cottage believes in the mixed age classroom for children who are 2 ½ to 6 years of age. Studies have shown that children develop cognitively and socially through interaction with older and younger children.

    In the mixed age classroom friendship groupings can cross traditional age boundaries and younger children can often view older children as additional support in their learning environment.

    Sweet Pea College

    We have created an original program to specifically meet the needs of our 4 and 5 year old students. Sweet Pea College combines weekly learning objectives incorporated into new activities to progressively challenge the student in preparation for kindergarten. This program focuses on teaching positive peer interactions and important character building values such as honesty, friendship, and perseverance.

  • Communication with Parents

    We encourage ongoing communications between the staff and parents. Each day we will provide your child with a Daily Journal that summarizes their day by detailing activities, interests, and any challenges there might be.

    Parent/Teacher conferences are held twice each school year. Our teachers are also available to meet with parents as needed. We ask that you make an appointment at least one week in advance.
  • Sweet Pea Food Program

    We are very lucky to have a wonderful natural foods chef who prepares all of our fantastic meals! We want all of our students to eat food that they are familiar with at home while also having the opportunity to experience food from other cultures.

    Our snacks and lunches are normally aligned with our Passport Around the World program which brings littles to a new country or region each week. We serve organic food as much as possible and all of our meals are vegetarian and carefully balanced to have plenty of protein.

    Alternative options are always available for students who have dietary restrictions or allergies and parents can view weekly menus on our website.