Menu for Week of November 14th

Monday Snack: Granola & Yogurt                                                  

Lunch: Turos Csusza (Cheese Noodles) & Pickles                              


Tuesday Snack: Apples & Spinach Quinoa Salad                                    

Lunch: Quesadillas & Sliced Tomato                                                                                                                                                                                             

Wednesday Snack: Bananas & Trail Mix                   

Lunch: Rakott Krumpli (Layered Potatoes) & Baked Cabbage        


Thursday Snack: Sweet Potato Hash & Roast Kale                                                    

Lunch: Goulash & Corn-on-the Cob      


Friday Snack: Cheese & Veggie Sticks

Lunch: Toltott Kaposzla (Stuffed Cabbage) & Roasted Carrots       

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