Menu for Week of January 30th

Monday Snack: Mandarin Oranges & String Cheese                                 

Lunch: Bowtie Marinara & Green Peas                             


Tuesday Snack: Apples & Rice Pudding              

Lunch: Kung Pao Veggie Tofu w/Rice               


Wednesday Snack: Sweet Orange Rice Balls w/Yogurt

Lunch: Garlic Green Beans & Lo Mien Bok Choy                       


Thursday Snack: Chinese Oatmeal w/Cantelope             

Lunch: Egg Drop Soup w/Chinese Cabbage Salad


Friday Snack: Savory Scallion Souffle w/Bananas     

Lunch: Green Onion Rice w/Lemon Hoisin Chinese Eggplant & Carrots

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