Menu for Week of April 3rd (Poland)

Monday Snack: Mixed Seasonal Fresh Berries w/Yogurt              

Lunch: Traditional Asian Stir-Fry w/Sweet Soy Sauce & Fresh Veggies


Tuesday Snack: Curried Jasmine Rice w/Braised Red Cabbage             

Lunch: Halushki, Polish Pasta w/Cabbage & Fresh Grapes                                                                                                                                                                                           


Wednesday Snack: Maple Oatmeal w/Apple Slices                            

Lunch: Deep Dish Pizza


Thursday Snack: Sliced Bananas w/Creamy Tapioca    

Lunch: Hearty Polish Rice Soup w/Eastern European Veggies


Friday Snack: Cottage Cheese w/Polish Potato Salad

Lunch: Gulasz Wegierski, Polish Goulash w/Roasted Beets    

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