Menu for Week of August 10th

Monday Snack:       Bagel w/ Cream Cheese & Mandarin Oranges

                 Lunch:      Baked Ziti & Spinach Salad


Tuesday Snack:      3 Bean Salad & Soft Pretzels w/ Honey Mustard

                 Lunch:     Succotash & Mixed Fruit


Wednesday  Snack:    Potato Bread w/ Honey & Cucumber Salad

                        Lunch:     Ramen Noodles w/ Rice Crackers & Plums                                                                                                                 


Thursday Snack:     Carrot Salad & Lemon Cookies                 

                    Lunch:     Orzo & Corn Salad w/ Peach Crisps


Friday Snack:           Cheesy Eggs w/ Toast & Bananas

             Lunch:           Utah Style Potato Casserole & Mixed Greens

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