Menu for the Week of August 3rd

Monday Snack:       Pita, Hummus & Minted Watermelon Salad

                 Lunch:       Root Wraps & Quinoa Salad

Tuesday Snack:      Broccoli Salad & Fruit

                 Lunch:      Coconut Simmered Veggies & Seasoned Rice

Wednesday Snack:  Banana Muffins, Fruit & Yogurt

                       Lunch:  Colorado Mexican Rice w/ Peaches & Horchata                                                                                                

Thursday Snack:     Blueberry Pancakes & Oranges Slices                   

                    Lunch:    Cowboy Spaghetti w/ Garlic Bread & Salad

Friday Snack:   Stonefruit Tarts & Carrot Smoothies      

              Lunch:   Sandwich Bar & Mixed Fruit

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