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Lathyrus Theater is a branch of Sweet Pea Cottage Enterprises in conjunction with Seattle Public Schools. We provide process-oriented after-school theater classes in which students rehearse, construct and perform a scripted play. Taught by working artists and educators, Lathyrus Theater promotes an inclusive environment that nurtures each child’s talent, creativity, and unique voice. Currently serving John Stanford International School, Sacajawea Elementary, McDonald Elementary, and Bryant Elementary.

The BFG and Sophie team up to save the children of England from the child-eating giants, Bloodbottler, Fleshlumpeater, Bonecruncher, Meatdripper, Childchewer, and Gizzardgulper. They are assisted by the Queen of England and the Heads of the Army and Airforce with their helicopters. Join Miss Christine (director of this year’s Charlotte’s Web and The Hobbit) traveling between bustling London into Giant country and back. Learn how to catch dreams and give children-eating giants terrible nightmares.

The Hobbit - McDonald Elementary

Come and create a tale of adventure as Bilbo Baggins leaves his cozy home in The Shire to go with a troupe of Dwarves and the intrepid wizard Gandalf the Grey into the heart of the Misty Mountains. There he meets Smog the dragon and comes home with more than one kind of treasure. Don your cloaks and love of fantasy to create a world of orcs, goblins, hobbits, and wizards as you rehearse and present The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien. 

The BFG - McDonald Elementary

John Stanford International School and Lathyrus Theater are pleased to invite 4th and 5th grade students to participate in After School Activities Drama Class, with a production of Night At The Wax Museum.

Night at the Wax Museum - Bryant Elementary

Check out some awesome pictures from our production of Alice in Wonderland at Sacajawea Elementary.

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