Parents' Night Out Wine and Cheese Tasting

We had a blast at our 1st Annual Parents' Night Out, a Wine and Cheese TastingEvent on board the historic Steamer Virginia V. Thanks to all who joined us and we look forward to seeing you next time!

A Unique Opportunity

Northwest Cellars offers grown-ups a unique chance to order custom-labelled bottles of wine featuring the artwork of their Sweet Pea Little. Custom labels are available with just a 4 bottle, the same or mixed varietals, purchase. And Sweet Pea also benefits by receiving a percentage of sales. What a great gift for grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends!

*Half and Full Case Discounts Available
**Orders to be picked up at your campus after November 20, 2017.

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  • Queen Anne Sample

  • Sand Point Sample

  • West Seattle Sample

Featured Wines from Northwest Cellars

  • Serenade R Red Blend 2013

    50% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Syrah, 10% Malbec, 5% Carménère

    Spofford Station, Tasawik, Verhey, Golden Ridge, Cordon Grove Vineyards, Columbia Valley

    Notes of dried crushed herbs, leather, anise and some old fashioned strawberry hard candy on the nose which follow through on the palate. Moderate tannins frame a soft mouthfeel with more dark purple fruit, chocolate, and a touch of red cherry before a lightly spicy finish. Yum!
  • Merlot Yakima Valley 2013

    100% Merlot

    Kestrel Vineyard, Yakima Valley

    Featuring blueberry, dried strawberry, cherry, and hints of chocolate and baking spices, this lighter-styled Merlot brings succulent flavors of the same red fruit plus a little plum and juicy pomegranate. Think chocolate covered cranberries. And, with a finish of easy tannins and crushed herbs, it keeps you coming back for more. Easy to enjoy right now!
  • Malbec 2013

    100% Malbec

    Verhey Vineyard, Yakima Valley

    Enticing scents of vanilla, black plum, sweet cherry, and pie crust followed by a lush mouthfeel redolent with rich black fruit, ripe purple plum, root beer overtones, some black olive and soft integrated tannins. This supple wine is beautifully balanced with a long spicy finish that begs the question...why wait?
  • Intrigue 2013

    40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot, 10% Malbec, 10% Petit Verdot, 5% Carménère

    Columbia Valley

    Deep and smooth are the touchstones of this year's vintage. Blackberry, fig, vanilla, and black currant predominate on the nose followed by a palate that is initially dry and clean, followed by juicy red fruit flavors leading to underlying fig, tobacco leaf, and wood. The strong structural support of tannins and acidity leads to a meaty finish of dark berries and plum that will make you want to stock up!
  • *Limited Tastings* Oscuro 2013

    50% Malbec, 50% Petite Sirah

    Spofford Station, Verhey, Corvus Vineyards, Columbia Valley

    The scent of sweet cherry, red licorice, and raspberry leaf invites a taste of this unique blend. Explore a mash of red fruit flavors and lots of plum that evolve into rich flavors of prune, mulberry, black olive, and a touch of mulling spice. With a juicy tannic finish, this wine is as delicious as it is special.
  • Chardonnay 2015

    100% Chardonnay

    Yakima Valley

    "Ripe pear, banana and mango nectar on the nose, tempered by notes of creamy lemon chiffon, thyme and fresh herbs. These follow through on the bright and citrusy palate that has some creaminess followed by a long finish of banana candy and lots of lime zest. Downright tropical!
  • *Just Bottled* Adagio

    65% Sauvignon Blanc, 35% Viognier, 5% Pinot Gris

Featured Cheeses

  • Twin Sisters Whatcom Blue

    Produced in Ferndale, WA, this blue cheese is tangy and delicious!
    Try it with Organic Medjool Dates or Sour Cherry Jam.
  • Mt. Townsend Creamery

    Sample a variety of tasty cheeses, including New Moon, Campfire, Seastack, Red Alder, and Fromage Blanc with Truffle.

    Seastack: Named for the famous rock formations along Washington's coastline, Seastack offers complex earthy flavors with distinct beauty. As it ripens from the outside inward, the ripened areas develop an earthy, garlic flavor, while the less ripe interior maintains a bright citrus flavor and a firmer texture. It is dusted in vegetable ash and sea salt to enhance its visual and culinary appeal.
    2010: American Cheese Society - 1st Place in Class
    2010: World Cheese Championship - 5th Place in Class

    New Moon: America's best Monterey Jack is not from Monterey anymore...
    This buttery, slightly sweet cheese has the texture and flavor of a Jack with subtle butterscotch undertones. A great melting cheese for sandwiches, pizza, nachos and everyday kitchen use.
    2017 : American Cheese Society - 1st Place in Class
    2012 : American Cheese Society - 1st Place in Class
    2010 : World Cheese Championships - 5th Place in Class
    2010 : American Cheese Society - 2nd Place in Class

    Red Alder: An alpine style cheese, carefully hand-washed and aged to enhance its nutty and earthy characteristics. Red Alder takes its name from the majestic trees lining the rivers of the Olympic Peninsula.
    2015: US Cheese Championship - 4th Place in Class

    Fromage Blanc with Truffle
    This spreadable cheese is smooth and slightly citric with a truffle infusion. A decadent choice for the imaginative cook.
  • Beecher's Flagship Handmade Cheese

    The first wheel of Flagship, Beecher’s signature cheese, was handcrafted just as Beecher’s Handmade Cheese opened its doors in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market in November of 2003. Flagship is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese with a uniquely robust, nutty flavor. It is carefully aged for 15 months to fully develop its complex flavor and ever-so-slight crumble.

    2nd Place, Aged Cheddars, 12 -24 months
    2009 American Cheese Society
    Best Semi-Hard Cow's Milk Cheese
    2007 American Cheesemaker Awards

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