When you give to Sweet Pea Cottage, you invest in an artist, a scholar, an innovator, a mathematician, a writer, a problem-solver, a global citizen, and a keeper of the earth. You invest in quality early learning experiences for our children. We turn to our friends and beneficiaries of Sweet Pea education to support our work as generously as you can. Here is how you can help us grow!


Why Fundraise?

As with many independent and non-profit schools, there is a gap between the cost of tuition and the true cost of providing quality early care and education for our children. With tuition only covering 91% of our annual operating expenses, this leaves a remaining $125K needed to help us keep our programs affordable, retain our talented teachers, bring in guest artists, and maintain the facilities and materials for our students.

2017 Giving Campaign Goal

$150 per student

2017 Annual Auction Goal

$65,000 General Operating Fund
$20,000 Fund-An-Item for Technology
$10,000 Retha Tinker Memorial Scholarship

Arts Really Teach

General Operating Fund

Sweet Pea Cottage General Operating Fund Breakdown

Instructional Support

talented and experienced teaching staff • guest artists • yoga specialists • Spanish specialists • French specialists • music specialists • dance specialists • art specialists • staff benefit packages

Education Basics

classroom and activity supplies • art supplies • curriculum • Passport Around the World program • equipment • library books • field trips • food and nutrition

Community Building / Student Enrichment

field trips/camps • transportation • graduation celebration • enrichment trainings • family inclusive programming • QA Trunk Show • Theater for Young Children • Tunes for Tots

Technology / Facilities / Administration

website and technology • facility maintenance • communication • office supplies and equipment