Mission Statement

Sweet Pea Cottage connects educators and youth with tradition bearers and artists from a wide range of traditions and disciplines; in doing so we demonstrate the importance of integrating the arts in education. We believe that the arts are powerful interdisciplinary tools that can teach learners at all levels.

Core Values
We believe in teaching through:

We are dedicated to the philosophy that the arts are an integral component to a child’s total development. We aspire to create a multilingual, cross-cultural curriculum that celebrates the arts and the creative process. We employ teaching artists in our community to give the gift of their own experiences

We believe that when each child is taught with love it creates the strongest foundation to communicate and encourages the child to find what they love to do.

We value the process of handing down information, beliefs, and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another. We honor cultural differences and celebrate them. It takes a village with helping hands to teach our heritage and traditions.

We recognize and emphasize the inspiration, creativity and friendship a community brings to a child’s life. We explore the concentric circles that make the concept of community.

World Perspective
We consider it our responsibility to give a significant insight into the lives of children and their families all over the world. We explore and celebrate the world.

And in the end we discover laughter, individuality,
positive choice making & a positive future;
in short a garden of possibilities.

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